Director of Marketing and Growth

Christa Steeves 

Meet Christa Steeves

Christa may be MAX’s biggest cheerleader, having had all three of her girls raised on MAX programming. To earn back some of her registration expenses over the years she is digging into the roots of a company she has known and supported from the get go, and are we ever lucky to have her.

With 20 years experience building companies, relationships, teams, and results as well as a lifetime of teaching yoga, meditation, self-care, and wellness practices to people who might not normally find themselves on a yoga mat, Christa is a natural fit to enrich MAX’s growth. Christa was Director of Marketing at Memorial University and operated her own award-winning advertising agency, SPARK. She volunteers in the community, focusing on mental health organizations, initiatives and advocacy.

When she is not bursting with ad campaign ideas and motivating team members to take ownership of their work she enjoys rowing, hiking, yoga, and swimming.