STEAM Program Lead

Erin Perfect 

Meet Erin Perfect

Erin has an impressive education and an even more impressive approach to teamwork and engaging kids in hand on learning. She holds a BEng Mechanical Engineering from MUN and a MASc Biomedical Engineering from Queen's University. Her philosophy for teaching STEAM is that ‘seeing is believing’. She has created a curriculum that will have kids asking questions and looking for answers, with a good dose of “wow”.

A native of Churchill Square here in St. Johns, Erin moved back home with her kitties Gretchen and Boris in 2019. Since then, she has steadily accumulated “1000000 plant babies'' some of which have very happily been welcomed to our corporate office. She contemplates building an app, delights in podcasts and audiobooks, and is often calculating her next visit to Sugar Mama’s bakery.