After School Director

Megan Patey 

Meet Megan Patey

Megan recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary at MAX. She is the afterschool program manager OG, and has built the program from the ground up! She now oversees 7 different locations and over 50 team members.

Megan is a problem solver extraordinaire, whether its logistics, diffusing stressful situations or helping out with vehicle maintenance, she can handle it. In the precious hours outside of work she fills her time with family and is grateful for their acceptance and unconditional love. Megan’s little girl is a blooming singer with a huge personality. Megan is excellent at sports (except ice hockey, that’s a bust) and her best skill to date is pin point accuracy, toss her a ball and give her a target, she will hit it with confidence. Just like she continually executes the multitudes of tasks coming her way!

Megan has a wealth of volunteering and work experiences with youth organizations, sport teams, and recreation programs throughout Newfoundland and Ontario.

She is personally committed to a healthy, active, motivated, and consequently happy lifestyle and enjoys sharing these values with her students and colleagues.

She has coached youth basketball and volleyball teams and holds an entry level diploma in Early Childhood Development. Managing the Afterschool program, she continually inspires and is inspired by the children around her.