Billing and Registration Coordinator, Customer Care Lead

Kyla Leaman 

Meet Kyla Leaman

Kyla lives for being organized, her pooch Harley- Quinn, and decorating at Christmas time. Kyla is a family gal through and through, her parents are both managers and close advisors in her life. Their leadership has greatly informed her work with MAX as our Registration Coordinator and Customer Care lead.

With 10 years of customer service experience, Kyla found her way to MAX following her sister’s recommendation, who loves her work in our afterschool program. Kyla believes that the people in her life are what make it rich; best friends of over 15 years, coworkers turned pals, and a special bond with her nan. Kyla makes a mean pot of chili, will top any contender in new country music knowledge and has the most colorful office supplies of us all.