Stephen Ash 

Meet Stephen Ash

Technically a ‘bayman’, more naturally a ‘townie’ and often mistaken for a ‘come from away’ our stylish leader Steve grew up in time when screens weren’t a thing and fresh air and being outside were his extracurricular activities. That said, he has always had a passion for fitness and really does practice what the company preaches, road biking, and working out on the regular. He believes we were meant to move and if we don’t, we don’t work right.

Steve is a church volunteer, self proclaimed ‘coolest uncle ever!’ and channels both Don Draper and Count von Count- because they both love to count. Makes sense considering Steve’s background in economics. Steve is an advocate for greater diversity in the province and for more inclusive opportunities for those with cognitive disabilities. He is excited for the future at MAX and motivated by the possibility of enriching the lives of the community.