Blizzard 2020 was a remarkable occurrence that brought tremendous challenges to everyone in our community, from individuals to businesses to essential services. It also demonstrated our incredible resiliency and resourcefulness, and served as yet another example of how tight knit we remain as a community.

As a locally-owned business, MAX Arts. Athletics. Wellness. sees ourselves as a community too. We employ over 140 full and part-time staff across our programs, customer service department, and maintenance workers. We deeply appreciate the passion and commitment each and every one brings to their work, and understand that the prolonged State of Emergency has proved difficult for all. With that in mind, we are pleased to share that all scheduled staff will be paid for regularly scheduled hours during the State of Emergency.

In addition, recognizing that this shutdown has also caused hardship to many others in our community, MAX will host two karma spins and a community workout this week at which we will collect donations for The Community Food Sharing Association. MAX will then match those donations. Please note that every $10 donated leverages $430 of food, so we encourage those who attend to give generously.

To everyone in our MAX family, we thank you for your patience during the shutdown, and for your continued support of our locally-owned business. We hope the storm and resulting State of Emergency were not too onerous, and we very much look forward to seeing you again soon.