Spin 101 with Robyn Davis 

 May 14, 2021

Happy Mid-May! It’s been a busy one around here with the launch of MAX Results just behind us in the rearview mirror, and our new website up shining into the inter ether. No less reason to keep moving. Our team of instructors keep serving up the bursts of energy needed to get it all done. 

Our queen bee of Spin, Miss Robyn Davis, gave us a moment of her literally nonstop schedule to shed some light on how she bit the bike bug, and what keeps her cruising. Robyn’s classes are consistently packed, at 6:30am. So, either all the early birds are sleepily drawn to her cries of “I-2, 1-2, PUSH PUSH PUSH” or there is an energy she channels, or tunes she plays that get folks motivated. 

So Robyn……

How did you get the spin bug?

“Every spin class I had gone to the instructor looked like they were having a blast and I wanted to get a job where I had that much fun!”

What do you love about it?

“I love a full house class when you can feel the buzz of everyone’s energy.”

What is the key to a great class as a teacher? As a participant?

“Always do your best! That answer is for both. Do your best for that moment, no need to compete with yourself in other days. And good tunes.“

What are the three most important things to remember on the bike?

“1) Never come out of the saddle without tension 2) Your core is your power house 3) Have fun and keep smiling while you’re in class. “

Smiling through a sprint in class can be easier said than done but Robyn’s passion and positivity will help. A lot. If you are itching to try it out, sign up early to nab a spot in her morning classes or join the devout lunch crowd for a mid-day sweat. Whatever class you come to, let the instructor know if it’s your first time so they can run through some safety basics!