Tely 10 Run Clinic

Are you a seasoned Tely 10er? Or have you always wanted to run it, but do not know where to start? Whatever your reason. No matter your pace or skill level. This clinic will help you cross the finish line.

MAX Tely Ten Running Clinic

August 7 - October 28

The MAX Tely Ten clinic will give you the tools and knowledge to achieve your personal race day goals! Our comprehensive training program is a great fit for all runners- beginner and marathoners alike. Our trainers are devout runners themselves and will work with you to modify, adjust, and adapt any aspect of the program to suit your training and body’s needs. After all, no training regimen is “one size fits all”.  The clinic will focus on building body awareness and steadily increasing weekly mileage. Easy runs, cross training, sprints, and long hauls await you!

What's included:

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions. Coaching takes place Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 8:30am
  • 2 running groups based on anticipated race finish time (over or under 100 minutes)
  • Access to planned routes using the RunGO app


  • Non-Members: $149 (includes 6 class passes)
  • Members: $99

What to Expect:


The first MAX Tely Clinic session is an orientation where you will meet your MAX trainer and other program participants. Together you will set goals and review program materials.

Class Access: 

6 MAX Fitness class passes to use during your 12 week program. Complement your running with strength training or come try a spin class on your cross training days!


Get support and encouragement from other participants and your trainer via a private Facebook Group. 

Educational Emails:

 Weekly educational emails to help you succeed in your training.

Meet your MAX Tely Ten Running Clinic Team

Nicole Hollohan - MAX Fitness

Nicole Hollohan

MAX Trainer & Kinesologist

As your clinic developer Nicole brings a wealth of experience and know-how both educationally and as a life-long athlete and runner. She is passionate about promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is excited to see you lacing up for the Tely.

Josh Cole | MAX Fitnes

Josh Cole

Lead Trainer & Kinesiologist

As a passionate and committed runner Josh is excited to bring his enthusiasm and upbeat approach to the program. Josh will create an environment that enables all runners to safely push towards their goals. He will focus on helping you set realistic short-term goals to reach your long-term goals, build a confident and resilient running mindset, and practice proper technique for the best experience possible.

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