Getting your kids summer camp ready! 

 June 20, 2021

It’s been a whacky year with no shortage of change in routines, frustration and not knowing whether you are coming, going or staying put- really staying put.  Juuuust as things start to feel more normal, yet another change is on the horizon. Your kids are transitioning from school life to camp life. It’s going to be ok. You got this. 

Here are some pro tips from our counsellors and camp management about how you can help your kids have the best possible experience at day camp. 

  1. Talk through what is expected of them with regards to Covid safety. Policies and procedures are literally changing every day. We will update you anytime there is a change you need to know. Make sure your kiddo knows when to wear their mask, how much space to allow other people and suggest they ask before touching another camper or counsellor. 
  2. Send em with the right, labelled gear, everyday:
    • waterbottle
    • sunscreen
    • nut free lunch
    • nut free snacks 
    • sneakers!!!
    • Boom. Check, check, check, and done. Please spare us having to disrupt your day over a forgotten item!
  3. Set them up to feel like their best selves. Encourage kids to make pals by sharing things that they love in conversation, or if your little one is apt to need some time to themselves, make sure the book they are reading is tucked into their gear. Assure them of your return each afternoon and affirm their ability to ask for what they need and have fun. 
  4. Respect reminder. At MAX we pride ourselves on providing a safe and inclusive space for all our team and campers. Remind your child to listen to their counsellors and to be kind towards other campers. We are all about treating others as you would like to be treated. With the precedent set, behavioral challenges are far less likely to pop up.
  5. Connect with counsellors. We absolutely, positively want your kids experience to be the best possible. For goodness sakes tell us if there are specific ways we can support them, or if they need extra support in any given area. Check in each day about how everything went 😊

A new routine may feel like a challenge, but in no time your kid will get into the groove, and we promise to send them home tired after a day of games, exploration, and fun.