2020- Care in the Time of Covid 

 May 14, 2021

Greetings from Gingerbread House and our ever-growing pre-school in the East end of St. Johns! This year has turned all our lived upside down, but the consistency of providing care for our families has been a helpful motivator when things just have not made sense. As important as it is for we grownups to care for the little ones in our lives, and to take care each other, there is no care like self-care. The degree to which we look after ourselves directly affects our ability to care for other people. Here are some ideas you may take a moment to consider and evaluate the role each plays in your own day to day wellness. 

Sleep. How much do you need? Are you getting it? What is the quality of your sleep?

While our kids get lullabies and stories before bed, we often forget to give ourselves time to wind down. Try putting the phone away after your kiddo is asleep, and read to slow down the racing thoughts of the day. Some of our MAX team have grown fond of the podcast ‘Nothing Much Happens’ which will lull adults to sleep with stories where…nothing much happens haha.

Routine. How do you wake up each day or go to sleep each night? When do you schedule time for yourself?

If you can stomach waking up before your kids you can buy yourself time to do some creative writing, get organized for the day, or sit quietly in peace. If your lunch hour at work is the only hour you get- make it sacred! 

Boundaries. Is someone in your life stuck in negativity? Is the news getting you down?

Be selfish with your time. Schedule one news update a day instead of being bombarded each time you get in the car. Practice positive self-talk when visiting with folks who can’t see any light.

Activity. Are you moving? How do you like to move? What can you do while moving?

If it feels impossible or indulgent to make it to the gym or yoga class, go for a walk twice during the day. A change of scenery and some fresh air can turn your brain right side up. Schedule meetings while walking and chances are you may better remember and contribute to the call.

Connection. Who is your outlet for expression, for venting? What kind of experiences are you creating with your family?

All of your worries and fears should be heard by a trusted person or professional. Make time for it. With so many limitations on what we can and cannot do, fun may seem like a distant memory. Make your own fun. Have a silly themed supper with immediate family or go for a picnic with pals! 

Above all- be well. We are here for you and are struggling alongside you with our own families. 

The MAX Childcare Team