Etiquette &

Courtesy Policy

At MAX we want to ensure our members have the best possible experience and enjoy the full benefits of membership.

Our Courtesy Policy addresses late cancellations, no shows, and late arrivals for classes ensuring other members have the opportunity to attend class in your place and to decrease instructor and member distraction.  Our Etiquette Policy ensures we all have a positive experience before, during and after a workout by keeping equipment tidy and organized, ensuring cleaning policies are followed, and covering how we act and treat others at MAX.

Late Cancels & No Shows

  • Members lose booking privileges for a minimum of 14 days when they accumulate 3 Late Cancels and/or No Shows within 1 month.
  • A Late Cancel is any cancellation that happens within 4 hours; a threshold significantly lower than industry norms of 8-24 hours.
  • For early morning classes (prior to 9am), any cancellation less than 9 hours prior to the start of class time will be considered a Late Cancel.
  • A No Show is simply when a client does not show up to a booked class.
  • A member with suspended booking privileges can still attend classes but will be unable to reserve a spot in advance through the website, mobile app or Customer Service booking processes.  This provides ample flexibility for those inevitable times when you simply cannot make a class, or possibly forget a booking.

Class Punctuality

  • Members will be required to be at class 5 minutes before the scheduled start time – this is to ensure all class participants can gather required equipment and maintain a safe distance from one another.
  • If there is a waitlist for a particular class, waitlisted attendees will be moved into class at this time if a member is not present or has indicated their presence on the sign-in sheet.
  • There will be no admittance to classes past its scheduled start time.


  • Utilize our mobile application. You can set reminders for scheduled Fitness Classes through your device to ensure you’re present and on time for classes. You can personalize reminders in your personal calendar (through the app) for what works best for you. Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives or trainers if you need some help.
  • If you arrive at the facility close to the class start time, it’s recommended to mark your name on the sign-in sheet prior to visiting the locker rooms to confirm your attendance.
  • Leave ample time to get to the gym, whether it is planning for summer construction or winter roads, leave extra time when you know it might be needed.

Watch Your Watch

Be in the studio 5 minutes before class starts so you can get a great warm up and full instructions.

Ditch The Phone

Class is tech-free time for you to focus on your wellness. Emails and phone calls can wait.

Hold The Chatter

To ensure everyone can hear the trainers’ instructions and focus on their workout, please save your catchup for before or after class.

Follow The Plan

Each circuit is created for a specific reason. If you need a modification, our trainers will happily provide you with one.

Keep It Clean

Our studios are for sweating it out. Please use the change rooms for your things. Wipe your equipment and return to where you found it.

Crush Your Goals

Give it your all, but never feel like a class is a competition! Our trainers are here to support and guide you at every step in your fitness journey. You’ve got this!