The show must go on! 

 May 14, 2021

As if most artists and creators didn’t already live in uncertainty from contract to contract, the pandemic has further left them in the lurch. It has been hard times for the arts communities across the country, and the world. Nevertheless authors, musicians, playwrights, producers and visual artists have continued to create, and our lives are richer for it.

Here are some pandemic selects worth checking out!

  • We Jane – a novel by Newfoundland author Aimee Wall.  This book is a beautiful story about intergenerational bonds between women in the province and the state of women’s health in the country.
  • An article featuring 9 visual artists who have continued to create during lockdowns and restrictions. View this article.
  • Songwriters and singers we love have not kept quiet. Check out what they shared during this past year.
  • Workin’ Moms– this hit CBC television series filmed its most recent season (5) in Calgary amidst the pandemic. While viewers may notice some discrepancy in sets, the production team managed to deliver the same level of hilarity folks have come to expect from this show.

Creators who are not global superstars, always need your support and their work has value. It’s easy to support through your dollars, but also by sharing and promoting their work on social media. You can model appreciation for the arts for your kids without spending a dime by going on a walk to admire street art, tuning in to free online concerts, or downloading national TV like CBC Gem.  The more your kids see you supporting the work of artists and creators, the more your kids will appreciate the stories, music and art that enriches their lives and our communities. And hopefully be inspired to create themselves! 😉