Supporting your child’s artistic journey 

 June 9, 2021

While some parents have deigned from birth that their child will be an esteemed fiddle player, exacting pianist, or visionary painter…little ones are wired in such unique ways that they carry their own strengths, skills, and ways of experiencing the world. Not to mention the ideas and interests they will develop as they grow. The absolute best thing parents can do for their kids is to provide opportunities to play, explore and create in supportive structured and unstructured environments. 

Our Arts classes at MAX are built so that your young child can discover what most lights them up by trying different classes, styles, and teachers. We invite you and your families to discover the arts with us, not master them. That may come later, or you may have contributed to a foundation of curiosity and creativity that will last your child’s whole life long. Pretty great either way. 

Here are some specific tactics you can use to support your child during their great artistic discoveries: 

-Turn off your grown up, expert brain. When your child is creating, singing or dancing- let them be. Don’t stop them to demonstrate how to do it “properly”. If you like, model correct paintbrush technique or how to shake bells up and down alongside them, but better yet imitate what they are doing. This affirms their exploration, and they will be glad for your interest and attention towards their own approach.

-Use your voice. Ask open ended questions or describe what they are doing. Invite them to tell you the story behind the picture they have drawn or point out that their movements are strong and heavy, or light and graceful, comment on the shapes you see them creating or echo the sounds they sing back to them. 

-Embrace the unexpected. While you may have been intent on a ballet dance party, perhaps your child is feeling like dinosaur dancing. Support changes of directions in activities as best you can. Provide a variety of materials for visual art making, get Alexa or Google to switch up your moving or music playlists, or pull together clothes that belong to each member of the family for a grand dress up performance! 

 Most of all- make time to create and play together and have fun. Your enjoyment is infectious.