Have a passion for business growth? So does MAX – and we’re hiring.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial business professional to design and manage a portfolio of programming at MAX.

MAX is an active lifestyle company with a vision for healthy and inspired living at every age. To achieve this, our business delivers 15 programs to over 2,000 clients at locations in St. John’s and surrounding communities. Our path to profitability is based on having the right mix of programs, delivered consistently, and forming lasting relationships with customers and families. 

The Business Manager, reporting to the CEO, will be responsible for a portfolio of existing programs, as well as developing, launching and implementing new lines of business. Working as part of the senior leadership team, the Business Manager will be performance and profit driven with an ability to coach, mentor and motivate a team of program leaders and instructors. 

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating new program concepts and developing rigorous business cases on priorities
  • Analyzing select existing programs at MAX and recommending growth, retention and service improvement strategies
  • Managing programs to revenue targets and budgets, including creative business development approaches where necessary
  • Developing operating manuals for programs, to ensure quality delivery across MAX locations
  • Hiring and managing staff to deliver program areas, and supporting the development of collaborative and committed team members
  • Making recommendations and providing creative input to sales and marketing efforts

The preferred skills and abilities sought for this position include:

  • Profit-driven, keen to maximize the return on available space and resources
  • Proven leader, able to develop a cohesive team of program leaders and coaches that can drive program performance
  • Quality-focused, prioritizing a consistent and high-quality approach and measuring the impact through metrics and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Analytical, committed to taking action and making recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative analysis

As part of the submission, applicants are encouraged to identify strengths and capabilities in areas that align closely with MAX programming.


All applications are requested by Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

To apply for this position, reply in confidence by email to [email protected] by the deadline noted above.