Sweat, chat and get your strong on! Be a Movin’ Mommy at MAX.

Movin’ Mommies is a fun circuit style fitness class designed specifically for the unique challenges of new moms. Regain strength and endurance while your little one is happy within arm’s reach. Each class will offer a variety of timed cardio and strength building stations for a challenging, total body workout. From kettle bells to medicine balls, and cycles to rowers, every class is a fun and fresh opportunity to reach your fitness goals while bonding with baby and other new mommies! Babies are from 6 weeks to one year old.

Next 4-week program starting June 6 at 34 New Cove Road:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-11am


  • $79 for MAX Fitness members
  • $99 for non members


You can register and pay online here.


Nicole Dowden

Nicole’s passion for health and wellness far extends professional gains. She learned early on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Nicole’s innate love of the outdoors sparked an avid interest in competitive team athletics in her formative years culminating most recently in training competitively for, and rowing in, the Royal St. John’s Regatta.

Nicole earned her Health, Wellness, and Recreation Diploma in 2008. After receiving her CanfitPro Personal Trainer Specialist certification in 2009, her passion for bringing the benefits of an active lifestyle to others began. Nicole believes continued education is important in all aspects of life, and over the years, has become a certified Group Fitness Instructor and most recently studied to earn her Older Adult Specialist certification.

Always open to broadening her skill set, Nicole discovered a special interest in bringing fitness literacy to our province’s active aging population. She derives great joy in applying her education and enthusiasm to helping this unique demographic begin, or continue to, enjoy daily life in and out of the gym. A self-proclaimed problem solver, Nicole noticed there was also a local need for more focused postnatal training. She was able to use her current education to dive straight into the world of training new moms. After becoming a proud mom to Riley, Nicole’s interest in postnatal postural alignment and strength training took on a new meaning. Experiencing this first hand, and continuing her passions, she focused her training towards women’s and older adult fitness.

Nicole believes physical fitness is an extremely important aspect of overall health and wellness. She prides herself on developing individualized, functional and challenging programs for all her clients that leave them feeling strong and empowered. An energetic and determined trainer, Nicole enjoys helping clients overcome personal obstacles, reach their goals, and leave the gym feeling fabulous in both body and mind.