July 25 – September 14 (8 weeks) | July 25 – October 12 (11 weeks)

We are now accepting registration for our Huffin’ Puffin and Cape to Cabot Half Marathon Clinics starting Tuesday, July 25 at 34 New Cove Road! Keep up the momentum from your Tely 10 training and run the Huffin’ Puffin Half Marathon on September 17 and/or Cape to Cabot on October 15.

The goal of our Huffin’ Puffin and Cape to Cabot clinics is to help motivate, guide and push you to break through your running plateaus and strive to run your best race possible. Whether you are looking to shave 30 seconds off your personal best, or 10 minutes, we can help you through with a targeted approach that provides specificity to both the race distances and courses.

We will incorporate hill sprints and intervals, tempo runs, VO2 max sessions and long runs. If you’ve never heard of some of these workouts, don’t worry – that’s where our experienced coaches Dave Freake and Nicole Hollohan come in. Dave and Nicole are experienced runners and coaches who both have backgrounds in exercise science. They will explain the reasons behind our approach to running and the physiological adaptations we are looking to gain from that specific run.

The programs include 3 workouts per week:

  • Sunday long run and coffee (8:30am)
  • Tuesday speed work run (6pm)
  • Thursday tempo run (6pm)

Registration Swag – First 20 Registrants!

Thanks to Coach Dave Freake and his Brooks and LeanFit sponsorships, the first 20 people to register will receive a running shoe bag, 20 LeanFit protein samples, and a shaker bottle.


Early Bird Pricing (Up to June 25)
$79.99 + HST

Regular Pricing (After June 25)
$89.99 + HST


Early Bird Pricing (Up to June 25)
$99.99 + HST

Regular Pricing (After June 25)
$109.99 + HST

Register now to crush your personal best with Dave and Nicole!

Coaching Team

Dave Freake

Dave holds the record for the fastest mile from the bottom of Temperance Street to the top of Signal Hill, and won Cape to Cabot the three times he ran it (2011-2013). He was also the fastest half marathoner in Atlantic Canada in 2015, and the second fastest in 2016 according to Marathon Canada Rankings.

Some highlights of his half marathon performances include second at the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon last year (69 minutes, losing by one second in a sprint finish), and fourth at the Scotiabank Toronto Watertfront Half (68 minutes, where the top four were all in 68 minutes).

Dave is somewhat of a half marathon specialist, as it’s been his strongest event to date. But he hopes to transition to the full marathon this fall and make his debut in either the Pittsburgh or Toronto marathon.

Nicole Hollohan

Nicole Hollohan is an avid runner from Harbour Main. She began running in elementary school with NLAA’s cross country series for schools, competed throughout high school at various events, and ran her first Tely 10 in 2010. Her love of running lead her to completing a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at Memorial University. As a former Sea-Hawks cross country athlete, Nicole travelled to various university level competitions. With a background in health and wellness, Nicole understands the fundamental principles of progressive training.

Throughout the years she has also competed in many local road races, focusing on consistent training (regardless of the weather) to chase new personal records. Having previously coached high school wrestling, Nicole is experienced in training with athletes to help them reach their goals. With a motivating and fun personality, each run with Nicole will leave you feeling confident and excited to start the next!