Our corporate wellness program is designed to help you and your teammates get fit together at MAX – and everyone saves. With company pay, or employee pay options, we give professionals the flexibility to fit a workout or group fitness class into their hectic schedules.

The savings are easy and the first discounts start with just 5 members. We even have free orientations and 2 week trials available to get you started on the right foot!

Number of Corporate Members

Discount on Annual Membership







We believe in family wellness as much as corporate wellness. So, any spouse or child 16+ also gets further family discounts.

Finally, we can schedule dedicated classes just for your team. You can get fit, build morale, and have a blast with our trainers.

To learn more, or start your company on a free trial today, contact Brad Pitcher at 733-7301 or [email protected] to see how this program can work for you.