Join us from May 21 to June 21 for 30 Day Thrive at MAX. Get the total body benefits of Yoga and Pilates by setting your own target and committing to achieve it over 30 days. We will make it easy – we are offering 30 days of unlimited access to our Yoga and Pilates schedule for $30. This event is free for members.

Over the 30 days, we have also organized five transformative workshops to help you thrive:

  • Pilates for Spine Health (Anna Fewer)
    • Sunday, May 21: 2–4pm
  • Using Props & Bolsters to Deepen your Practice (Emily Ferren)
    • Sunday, May 28: 2–4pm
  • Get Lifted – Challenging (But Doable!) Poses for all Yogis (Alyssa-Joy Spence)
    • Saturday, June 3: 2–4pm
  • Family Flow: Bring a Child (6+) & Practice Together (Anna Fewer)
    • Sunday June 11: 2–4pm
  • Learning to Meditate: An Introduction (Sonia Byrne)
    • Sunday, June 18: 2-4pm

Workshops are $20 per session for MAX Fitness members and 30 Day Thrivers, and $30 for the public.

Register for 30 Day Thrive and Workshops now! 


Anna Fewer
Anna-Marie has over 10 years of experience as a certified Pilates instructor, and completed her 200-hour yoga certification through Aura Wellness in 2013. She is passionate about helping people find balance in their lives and a workout routine including mind-body exercise.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Nursing. Whether you’re seasoned in Pilates and yoga or just interested in trying something new, Anna-Marie can assist you in finding the right mind-body exercise for you!

Alyssa-Joy Spence
Alyssa-Joy completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher course with Shakti Yoga Studio in 2012. In addition to her yoga studies, she has also completed the Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Northumberland College, a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and will soon complete her Master’s in Kinesiology at Memorial University this May.

Alyssa is passionate about health, and believes that yoga is instrumental in maintaining physical and mental health. She loves to challenge herself, and her students, and is always delighted to see how fun and rewarding challenges can be.

Emily Ferren
Emily Ferren was born and raised on the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Ontario, and moved to St. John’s in 2013. She has a love for all things outdoors; backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, snowshoeing, and ice climbing.

She began practicing yoga 10 years ago when the first yoga teacher came to her small town, and she fell absolutely in love. After practicing for 9 years, she was determined to complete her teaching training, and in the fall of 2015 she enrolled in the year long journey to complete her teacher training with The Lotus Centre.

Emily’s training focused on Hatha Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, and Guided Meditation. Among these styles, she has a strong personal practice in Vinyasa, Vinyasa Krama, and Yin Yoga. Her classes include a mixture of styles, creating flows that challenge students to push a little past their comfort to gain strength and calm through their practice.

Sonia Byrne
Sonia has led meditation classes for groups in Canada, the US and in the Middle East. As a self-confessed Type A multi-tasking personality, she specializes in working with busy minds and beginners to help them find a path to a meditation practice that works for them.