Are you ready to kick-start your wellness journey? We're here to help.

Time and time again we see that people who attend group fitness classes have the highest rate of success in meeting their goals. Sure, you can also hit the open gym or go for a run, but consistently showing up for class gives you the accountability and motivation you need to stay on track. That’s why MAX offers our 14 day trial at such an incredible price point. We want you try our facilities, but mostly, we want you try out one of 100+ weekly our group classes and witness for yourself how incredible they are. 

Here’s how this 14 day program works:

  • Sign up at the button below or at one of our locations for just $14
  • You’ll be booked in for a short welcome session where we show you the ropes
  • A MAX personal trainer will help you select your first three group classes
  • You’ll come get sweaty and (hopefully) fall in love with MAX! 

Here's what's included: